Mariner's Star Child Development Center

Food and Nutrition

Our center bases all of the meals and snacks to meet the requirements for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Adult Care Food Program.  The CACFP meal patterns use the same food groups for children of all ages older than 1 year.  We serve a variety of foods to our children in order for them to get all of the nutrients that they need.  We strongly consider the different nutritional needs of the children - for example: the difference between an infants nutritional needs to a 5 year old child's nutritional needs.  The differences between their developments affect the foods that a child needs to eat—as well as the way they are fed.   This means that our infants served by our program, follow a different set of nutritional requirements.  At Mariner's Star, we plan the day so that infants are fed when hungry and young children are fed every 3 hours.  Children have small stomachs and need many chances to eat throughout the day.  We address this fact by serving meals and snacks on a regular schedule to help children develop healthy eating schedules.
Our Policies
Food Preferences:

We make food preferences and accommodations on a child-by-child basis.  For example, a child who is a vegetarian, may be given tomato sauce without meat on spaghetti.  If a family practices religious or dietary restrictions, we ask that they speak with the child nutritionist about how to come to a consensus about mealtimes.   

Food Allergies:

We are peanut free center due to the severity in health risks for some of our children.  Other food allergies, will be handled on a child-by-child basis. 
For example, a child with a wheat allergy will be given alternative foods when menu calls for wheat product.  
Located at: 2596 Chestnut Dr. South Lyon, Mi 48179   Phone: (517) 959-3684