Mariner's Star Child Development Center

Our Philosophy:

At the Mariner's Star Child Development Center, we believe that the main purpose of Early Childhood Education is to help guide children into becoming active lerarners of their own environment. Our center harbors a wide diversity of learners that expand various cultures. Each child brings their own unique experiences to share and learn with their peers that allow our children to be more diverse learners and accepting of all individuals. We believe that each child is a unique person with their own individual pattern and timing of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development that should be respected and appreciated at all times. 
Program activities are designed to meet the needs of diverse ages and development levels of each individual child. Our curriculum is shaped by the observations and expressed interests of the children, and builds whenever possible, on experiences outside the classroom. Our teachers enhance development and learning by acknowledging, encouraging, modeling, and demonstrating to children various avenues to use in learning. The foundations of our practice at the Mariner's Star Child Development Center stem from Jean Piaget’s theories and the Mariner’s Star Developmentally Appropriate Practice criteria that contribute to children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Jean Piaget believed that children learn best in a stimulating environment in which they can use a ‘hands on’ approach to learning to best foster creativity and expand self-expression. 

The Mariner’s Star Five Pillars of Developmentally Appropriate Practice Are:
  1. The necessity of creating a caring community of learners 
  2. Teaching to develop enhancement of learning
  3. Constructing  appropriate curriculum
  4. Assessing children’s learning and development
  5. Establishing reciprocal relationships with families

By establishing a professional role in the relationship with our families and community, the Mariner's Star Child Development Center is able to create a unique and positive experience for our children. Parents and community members are encouraged to express their ideas/thoughts/concerns with the teachers and staff of our center to help transition from home to the classroom. We want to instill in our learners that their community is important, not only to provide cultural experiences, but also as a means of a support system. Building friendships and trust with their peers, neighbors, and family members is also an important feature of our philosophy. 

Our program is designed to minimize negative behavior by carefully managing our classrooms, structuring activities, and relying on routine. Efforts will be made to redirect your child and when the need for discipline arises, children are approached in a kind, yet firm manner. We encourage children to put their feelings into words by talking with them and modeling appropriate behavior. We talk about choices with the children and help them work out alternative, positive solutions to the situations that required discipline. Depending on the circumstances, a child may spend time away from his or her classmates. If a negative behavior persists we will contact parents to discuss the problem and work toward a shared solution.

Located at: 2596 Chestnut Dr. South Lyon, Mi 48179   Phone: (517) 959-3684