Mariner's Star Child Development Center

Special Education Services and Supports:

Mariner’s Star Child Development Center also provides programs and supports for children with disabilities and their families. The services we offer include:
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 
  • Services for young children on the autism spectrum (ASD) 
  • Children with a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)
  • English Language Learning (ELL) 
  • Speech and Hearing Delay 
  • Or other Cognitive Impairments (CI) 
~Each child is mainstreamed into their typical daily classrooms – while also receiving services and supports individually in our Creative Center Classroom. Through the assistance of our Special Education Resource Specialist and other local professionals, curricular goals are individually scripted to meet each child's individual needs in the following domain areas: Verbal behavior, social skills, school self-sufficiency and readiness, physical motor, cognitive and play skills. The program also includes a comprehensive home-based component when appropriate for both child and family~

Our Goals Are To: 

  • Provide opportunities for successful social interactions with peers and adults within the school environment
  • Build student self-confidence in both social and academic areas
  • Maintain a warm and supportive learning and working environment
  • Guide students in mastering and successfully sustaining positive adaptive behaviors
Located at: 2596 Chestnut Dr. South Lyon, Mi 48179   Phone: (517) 959-3684